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our salad days are all but gone
though we've still got love
it's just not enough

do you remember when we first met
our dreams and ideals
now all regrets

now every kiss
is filled with remorse
it's not right
we cannot ignore

there's no spontaniety
we've become routine
what once seemed just right
now barely feels real

we go through the motions
of pretending this works
but all the time
it just makes it worse

we're too young
to be so miserable
we don't work together
this we should know

we're not strong
we're not good
we've been in trouble
for too long
now is the time
to decide
to be honest
to stop missing the signs
there's no reason to hide
we've no need to pretend
that this can be fixed

because every every broken heart bleeds to forget
but we haven't quite got there yet
every broken heart bleeds to release
the hurt that's created in-between
every broken heart needs time to mend
every broken heart is a means to an end
for every hour spent in your arms
every memory re-lived
every near-miss and every kiss
everything that i'll miss
is now nothing but lists


from moon bear, track released August 16, 2011




moon bear Gloucestershire, UK

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